Type: Bag

Product details: 
⋆ Innovative creation
⋆ Transparent jelly bag
⋆ Handbag
⋆ Twin Handles
⋆ Grab-Handle
⋆ Open top
⋆ Available in brown and white colors

Take care of me: 
Wipe clean with a damp cloth
⋆ Keep the bag in a dry place, and avoid excessive humidity
⋆ Do not soak in water
⋆ To clean stains and molds, put some laundry detergent on the spot that needs cleaning then wipe with a damp cloth or scrub gently with a soft brush. 
⋆ Air dry or clean with a dry cloth

About me:
Lining Material: Polyester
Main Material: PVC

Size: 30cm<Max Length < 50cm
Package size: 280x370x50mm