Type: Jewellery

Product details:

⋆ Let the stones speak for you

⋆ Natural gravel stone details

⋆ Choker necklace

⋆ Available in black, white, and speckle variant


Take care of me:

⋆ Do apply lotion, cosmetics, hairspray, and perfume before dressing in jewellery

⋆ Do wipe clean with a soft cloth when undressing

⋆ Do store in a fabric-lined box separately wrapped to prevent scratches

⋆ Don’t wear your jewellery while swimming

⋆ Don’t wear your jewellery to bed

⋆ Don’t wear your jewellery in extreme temperatures. It will affect its lustre


About me:

Pendant: Natural gravel stone

Chain: Non-fading 



Weight: 25g

Size: 32 cm + 5 cm