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Interior Design Tips To Upgrade Your Home For Winter 2021

Interior Design Tips To Upgrade Your Home For Winter 2021

A fundamental part of boho-chic
is the mix between new, modern and vintage. It's all about unique vintage pieces that nicely complement the minimalistic Scandinavian style.
A lot more neutrals, nature-inspired
spaces and vintage items are what we're going to see amongst home interior trends even in 2022.
It's time to refresh your home interior and prepare for the long, dark, cozy evenings at home. 

This is a trend that brings nature into our homes. Add some indoor plants (there is not such a thing as ''too many plants'') and add shades of green to your home decorations.  

Kish is one of our bestsellers, it's a perfect throw blanket for a sofa or bed. Also, it comes in all the trendy colors – yellow, gray, dark gray, khaki, blue, dark blue, orange and white. So if you want to complement your home interior with some color, that's possible with just throwing Kish on your sofa. Plus - it's an amazing warm and comfy companion for a morning coffee or an evening with wine.   

Green will brighten up your mood and make you feel even more comfortable.


The chromatic element is essential when it comes to boho-chic. The contrast between intense colors is the key, especially for home decorations. If you're a lover of minimalistic Scandinavian design, this trend will freshen up your home interior and give it a dash of fun and color. Whether it's a colorful pillow, a vase or a candle holder, choose an item that you want to make a statement piece.  

We chose Koggala – our sculptured, beautiful vase. Because we love flowers and we love colors. Koggala is available in yellow, red and beige, looks the best when combined! 

Can't imagine a boho-chick style home without plenty of candles. After a long day away from home, you'll just want to turn on some good music, light up a candle or two and enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea to unwind.  

Kata candleholders are simple, yet modern and bohemian at the same time. A centerpiece for sure. Available in matte red, black, grey and white, they can be combined to create an artistic composition in any room of your house.

Neutral colors will provide elegance and make your space look bigger. It's more intimate and welcoming. However, boho style allows you to mix & match, combine different colors and patterns. If you prefer to make it more subtle, you'll definitely want some colour accents, just to make it look more interesting.  

Here are some colours you will want to add this season: brown, beige, olive, khaki, ecru, cream and orange.  

Here's a great example - a simple, yet so powerful item as a coffee mug. Kangean is a ceramic cup with a reusable saucer for snacks, sugar, cookies, anything your heart desires. These are the colors you want to add to your home interior. This set is eco-friendly and will make your friends want to return for a coffee/tea again and again...